Hello world!

13 10 2009

Hello indeed! Well, I thought it might be easier to start a new blog for the Cannonball Read. (“Easier” being relative, of course.) So here it is! Have a look around. Don’t know how long the theme will stick, I’m pretty fickle like that, but I think it’s pretty. I’m working on figuring out what all these little widget-y things are for, so maybe I’ll add more of those too. New toys are fun!

So far, and for now, this will only be for the Cannonball Read, but perhaps, if I get used to it and like it enough, I’ll do other stuff with it as well. Who knows what the future holds here in BeaverWorld?!

*ETA: See? I found this theme with a rainbow-y header picture. Prettier!



8 responses

13 10 2009

I want to live in BeaverWorld!

14 10 2009

BeaverWorld is a magical place. MAGICAL.

14 10 2009

I like the look of BeaverWorld. And your avatar is walking like an Egyptian. Hee.

16 10 2009

I love the monster icons. Look at admin’s! He’s adorable!

16 10 2009

But how do I follow this one!? Blogger tells me when there’s some Platz to partake of! Someone tell me what to do. *weeps*

16 10 2009

Oh, you can follow it on Blogger too! Just copy the link, and on your Blogger dashboard, there’s a button under your other followees that says “add”; that gives you a little dialog box that lets you add an URL. I follow Sharon that way, and her bloggy is on WordPress too!

16 10 2009

Also, your little monster guy is awesome!

16 10 2009

“beaverplatzandthecannonballread” has a Harry Potter-esque ring to it. I like it!

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